May 2, 2008

Katash & Sherf


kit said...
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kit said...

Hello Gil! You're very talented!! i love your works! do you draw this by hand then scan, and color it using your tablet? If so, do you use ink or pencil before you scan it? Thanks! :)

Gil Troitsa said...

Hi Kit. Well.. It's really up to you.
I personally prefer to draw directly with my tablet, because I don't have the patience to clean the drawings after the scan and because you need an excellent scanner to start with... There are a couple of good programs that can deliver a very clean and close-to-realty line... Lately I use Corel Painter X and sometimes Alias Sketchbook pro.
Of course there are some works on my page that i scanned. Mostly B&W like : Medieval Town, Graphic Novels etc.
Hope I helped you.
If you have more questions , you are welcome.